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"RRTechnology" systems.

RRTechnology” hardware and software is designed for building complex monitoring systems using radio, Ethernet and/or GSM channels.

System can be used in distant monitoring and information gathering systems:

        • security;
  • fire alarm;

  • mobile object monitoring;

  • technological systems

  • telematics and telemetry systems etc.

"RRTehnology" systems can be constructed as:

- Asynchronous;


RRTechnology” system has several significant advantages compared to other manufacturers’ systems:

  • Flexibility. The main advantage differing “RRTechnology” from other similar systems - hardware and software are designed as an “intellectual kit” allowing User to build a systems with desired configuration.

  • Modular design. System can be built from standard modules simply combining them. Further other modules can be added to the system this way increasing it’s performance, extending the system or adding other necessary functions.

  • User’s software can be installed easily. The drivers that provide hardware functions are pre-installed by manufacturer. The other software can be installed by User via built-in bootloader.

  • Open-source protocols for data exchange with modules allows using them independently in other manufacturers’ systems.

  • The components of system are programmed via built-in terminal program. No special software must be installed on PC-only standard terminal program: Hyper Terminal or similar.

  • Differing from other manufacturers’ equipment one version of the system module provides all declared functions. For example any frequency from operating band can be easily programmed for transmitter/receiver. Change of operating frequency does not require any hardware changes-it is simply programmed via terminal program.

Information delivering channels:

  • Radio

  • GPRS

  • Ethernet