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        RRT Ltd established in 2004. RRT Ltd is designer and manufacturer of   equipment with programmable parameters: transmitters, receivers, GSM/GPRS-communicators, Ethernet-communicators, transceivers, Base stations and Repeaters. The equipment allow to construct radio-, Ethernet-, GSM (or any combination of these) systems for security, fire safety, transport tracking and technological process monitoring (central heating, elevators, watter supply, electricity etc).

      Technical equipment is designed as a constructor, that allow to configure systems according to individual requirements.

      System equipment (Base stations, Repeaters) simultaneously can receive messages in several most popular protocols: LARS/LARS1, Informer1200, MILCOL-D, Visonic 32, PAF, and also in own protocols RRT and RRT-PLUS. The output stream can be generated in various radio and network protocols. This provide interfacing of the equipment to various software. For maximum interfacing flexibility to software supporting serial protocol Surgard, own server software is developed.

      The equipment of RRT Ltd can be partly or completely integrated into other manufacturer systems.